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Miami-Grown Organic Microgreens, Delivered 24 Hours From Harvest!

Bowl of locally-grown, organic microgreens from Brickell Micro Farms Microgreens

Microgreens are up to 40 times more nutrient-dense than the same vegetable in its full-grown stage.

Do you value healthy living? Well, then say “Hello” to your new favorite Miami-grown organic microgreens.

What Are Microgreens?

They are “living foods” – Purposefully harvested at their most nutritious and delicious state. 

Here you can see the 3 stages of broccoli growth, starting as baby sprouts, then maturing into nutirent pack microgreens, and then later developing into full grown stalks. 

Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3


Why Add Microgreens To Your Diet?

Microgreens are healthier than regular vegetables like lettuce, spinach, and kale.

What Do We Grow?

We are an independent “direct-to-community” indoor vertical farm that offers weekly deliveries of organic microgreens, anywhere in Miami.

We specialize in growing 21 varieties of nutrient-dense microgreens…

What Makes Microgreens so Good?

Not only do they taste amazing, but they have been proven by research to have tons of potential health benefits…

How Do We Grow Them?

Grown indoors using LED lighting and hydroponics, our microgreens are free from harmful pesticides, chemicals, and heavy metals.

Our grown-to-order model dictates that your microgreens are delivered within 24 hours of their harvest date, offering you the freshest product on the market. 

Ready To Get Started?

Add these amazing superfoods to your diet today!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3,4…

Want To See How We Grow Your Microgreens?

We are on a mission to become Miami’s premier indoor, vertical microgreens farm.

Follow us on social media to follow our progress.

Are You Searching For Locally-Grown Organic Microgreens?

Reach out to us today to get us growing!

We would love to become your new supplier…


Save Up to 15%

We operate as a Grown to Order subscription model. This means that we plant your crops the moment you place an order, harvest them 10–30 days later (depending on the individual crop growth cycle) , and deliver them within 24 hours of their cut date.

This method ensures that your microgreens are delivered in their freshest and most beneficial state. All while keeping costs low and helping to eliminate food waste. 

Choose an 8-Week Subscription, and we’ll deliver them for FREE!!!


$ 70
Billed Every Two Weeks
  • One (1) of Each Pack per WK
  • Total: Four (4) Packs per WK
  • Delivered Once (1) Per WK
  • Total: Two (2) Deliveries
  • Total: 2X Broccoli (60 g Each)
  • Total: 2X Sunflower (60 g Each)
  • Total: 2X Pea Tendril (60 g Each)
  • Total: 2X Radish Rambo (60 g Each)
  • Total: 8 Packs Delivered
10% OFF


$ 137
Billed Every Four Weeks
  • One (1) of Each Pack per WK
  • Total: Four (4) Packs per WK
  • Delivered Once (1) Per Week
  • Total: Four (4) Deliveries
  • Total: 4X Broccoli (60 g Each)
  • Total: 4X Sunflower (60 g Each)
  • Total: 4X Pea Tendril (60 g Each)
  • Total: 4X Radish Rambo (60 g Each)
  • Total: 16 Packs Delivered
12% Off


$ 265
Billed Every Eight Weeks
  • One (1) of Each Green
  • Total: Four (4) Packs
  • Delivered Once (1) Per Week
  • Total: Eight (8) Deliveries
  • Total: 8X Broccoli (60 g Each)
  • Total: 8X Sunflower (60 g Each)
  • Total: 8X Pea Tendril (60 g Each)
  • Total: 8X Radish Rambo (60 g Each)
  • Total: 32 Packs Delivered
15% Off
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