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Beet – Bulls Blood
60 grams

Beet – Bulls Blood
60 grams


60 g | 2.11 oz


Additional Info:

Beet – Bulls Blood – Microgreens: Paint Your Plate Crimson with Earthy Delight

Miami sunsets bottled in living greens! Brickell Micro Farms’ Red Leaf Beet Microgreens are nature’s artists, painting your plate with vibrant crimson and infusing your meals with a touch of earthy sweetness. These tiny powerhouses are packed with vitamins and minerals, nourishing your body while adding a pop of color to any dish.

Unleash the Beet Power:

  • Earthy-Sweet Delight:¬†Infuse salads,¬†dips,¬†tacos,¬†and more with a touch of beet magic.
  • Vibrant Color Boost:¬†Paint your meals crimson with a burst of healthy,¬†eye-catching goodness.
  • Nutrient Powerhouse:¬†Support your well-being with vitamins A,¬†C,¬†and K,¬†plus iron and folate.
  • Culinary Versatility:¬†Blend into smoothies for a vibrant boost,¬†or add a unique twist to desserts.

Freshness and Convenience:

  • Harvested at peak sweetness:¬†Ensures optimal flavor and nutrient content.
  • Delivered within 24 hours of harvest:¬†Guarantees the freshest microgreens in Miami.
  • Ready in just 10 days:¬†Offers an effortless way to add beets to your diet.

Embrace the Red Leaf Beet Microgreen Difference:

  • Experience the sunshine and taste of beets all year round.
  • Elevate your meals with a touch of earthy elegance.
  • Boost your health and well-being with each delicious bite.
  • Order your Red Leaf Beet Microgreens today and unlock a world of flavor and vitality!
Weight60 g
Dimensions7.25 × 6.5 × 2 in
Flavor Profile

Earthy Beet: The most prominent note is a distinct earthiness, similar to the flavor of mature beetroots but more delicate and fresh.

Sweetness: A surprising sweetness balances the earthiness, making the microgreens a welcome addition to both savory and sweet dishes. Think of it as a hint of candy beet without the overpowering sweetness.

Nutty Hints: Some palates detect subtle nutty undertones, adding complexity and richness to the overall flavor experience.

Earthy Greenness: Depending on the growing conditions and harvest time, you might also notice a slight grassiness or spinach-like greenness, especially in the leaves.

Textural Contrast: The crisp and juicy texture of the microgreens adds another dimension to the flavor journey. The crunchy bite provides a refreshing contrast to richer dishes and pairs well with creamy textures.

Color Explosion: The vibrant deep-red stems and dark green leaves of Bulls Blood Beet microgreens add a stunning visual element to any dish. This makes them a popular choice for garnishes and plating, drawing attention and enhancing the dining experience.

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