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Pea – Afila Tendril
60 grams

Pea – Afila Tendril
60 grams


60 g | 2.11 oz


Additional Info:

Pea ‚Äď Afila Tendril ‚Äď Microgreens: Unleash the Sweet & Crunchy Twists of Tiny Tendrils

Long Description:

Miami’s edible sunshine! Brickell Micro Farms’ Afila Tendril Pea Microgreens are like bursts of spring sunshine captured in miniature. These tiny tendrils dance with a sweet, fresh pea flavor and a delightful crunch, adding a touch of playful elegance to any dish. Packed with vitamins and minerals, they’re nature’s candy for your health and taste buds.

Unleash the Pea Power:

  • Sweet & Crunchy Delight:¬†Infuse salads,¬†dips,¬†tacos,¬†and more with the playful twist of pea tendrils.
  • Vibrant Green Goodness:¬†Paint your meals emerald with a burst of healthy,¬†eye-catching allure.
  • Nutrient Treasure Trove:¬†Support your well-being with vitamins A,¬†B,¬†C,¬†and E,¬†plus calcium,¬†iron,¬†and phosphorus.
  • Culinary Versatility:¬†Blend into smoothies for a refreshing boost,¬†or garnish desserts for a sweet surprise.

Freshness and Convenience:

  • Harvested at peak sweetness:¬†Ensures optimal flavor and nutrient content.
  • Delivered within 24 hours of harvest:¬†Guarantees the freshest pea microgreens in Miami.
  • Ready in just 7‚Äď10 days:¬†Offers an effortless way to add the sunshine of peas to your diet.

Embrace the Afila Tendril Microgreen Difference:

  • Experience the playful sweetness of peas in every tiny tendril.
  • Elevate your meals with a touch of green whimsy and a delightful crunch.
  • Boost your health and well-being with each delicious nibble.
  • Order your Afila Tendril Pea Microgreens today and unlock a world of sweet and crunchy goodness!
Weight60 g
Dimensions7.25 × 6.5 × 2 in
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